2015 New Year

I wasn’t planning on writing a new years post, but I have been somewhat inspired by social media. Lots of people have remarked that 2015 has been the best year of their life. I have to disagree, not because I haven’t had a fantastic year but because I think it is too difficult to compare different years. I mean I can’t even remember whole years of my life!

2015 has not been a year of change, but a year of progress. This summer I received my results for my second year of University. I have to admit being disappointed at myself at the percentage, but thrilled at the fact that I passed every modules. Having failed my first year at University it meant a lot to pass this year round. More importantly it meant that my year abroad was going to go ahead.

I would love to say that I had always dreamed of going abroad and it was all of my wishes coming true, but that would just be a lie. Deciding to go on a year abroad was a calculated decision with just a pinch of ‘dreaminess’. However, it has been one of my great calculated decisions. I has given me so many skills and many wonderful experiences. It has brought me into contact with people from different cultures in their home country. When I started this year I was trying to convince everyone else that I would be able to learn a different language just by living. At the same time I was willing everyone to stop thinking about it because I wasn’t convinced myself. Whilst I still have a way to go I have come further than I imagined.

Friendships have been a notable aspect of this year and I am learning more and more how to cope with the change in relationships. Lifestyle changes as meant that my close friends are as scattered as they have ever been. I love all of my close friends, but some of them don’t know each other more than by name. I hope maybe next year I will be able to get them all in the same room in the next year (new years resolution anyone?!)

And isn’t the most momentous thing that I finally cut my hair off. So thank you 2015. Who knows what 2016 will bring?

And here is a few pictures of my favourite moments (when I remembered to take a picture).