Hello there internet surfer and welcome to thejennventures, the place where I can record my memories and express myself.


I am female and in my early twenties. I study Education Studies and Psychology at Durham University/St Cuthbert’s Society. Education is my passion and Psychology is my love/hate relationship. For some people they get excited over formulas, words or smashing targets, for me it’s Education. I love talking about it and I spend A LOT of time thinking about it. My professional aim in life is that Education is a little bit better for everybody. 

I love dancing, singing and talking. I also love shopping and clothes. But what I really love most of all is reading and eating. My perfect day would involve 3 fantastic meals, reading under a blanket, having plenty of time to preem myself and then spend 3 hours dancing and singing.

Oh, and I’m English. But I’m also; British and European, and lots of other things.


This blog is primarily to store in words the experiences of my year abroad in Italy. Some of you may have followed the link from the Education department webpage and if you have, hi! and please feel free to ask me questions about my degree and University/college.

I hope this blog will grow to represent me as a person and soon you may see more variety in my blogging. Stay tuned!

Disclaimer: All pictures and opinions are my own unless otherwise stated. Please do no use without my permission.

Thank you visiting my corner of the world wide web!

Jenn x

Email: thejennventures@hotmail.com


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