Is this a comeback?

When I first started this blog, it had a dual purpose. Personally, I wanted to keep a record of my year abroad and the experiences I had. Practically, I needed to do something to pass my year abroad. It was something I wanted to keep up, a real student voice, giving a face and personality to a group usually referred to in a very homogeneous manner. Trust me, not all students are the same. I thought it might help me deal with the stress of managing two research projects simultaneously. In the end, it was just something else to write, and I just didn’t have the words.

Following graduation, I considered using it to document all the work experience I was planning to do. I graduated at the end of June, and it is now mid-November (HOW?!). At first I was focused on securing a part-time job, to pay for my living expenses. Good, rational. Then after that, I was waiting until after my holiday. Okay, I guess that makes sense. September’s excuse was decorating my room. Decorating? All you’ve managed is inhaling the paint dust from the electric sander. So here we are, November*. I have only emailed a couple organisations, with no responses. The paint swatches are on the walls and the skirting board removed, but nothing is decided. So I am left feeling thoroughly disappointed with myself.

But about a month ago, something potentially exciting and bloggable came up. About five years ago, the charity Anthony Nolan came to my town on a registration drive for stem cell and bone marrow donation. I rocked up to the cricket club, provided my spit for testing and went on my merry way. Last month, I finally popped up as a potential match for someone.

And so, I am turning back to thejennventures to, A) redouble my efforts of looking for work experience and B) document my journey of being a potential donor!

My next post will be on the first steps to becoming a stem cell or bone marrow donor. The process and how you too can add yourselves to the register. If you wish to swot up yourself (and are under 30 years of age) then check out their website here.

Ciao ciao!


*IMG_20171120_164606_083.jpgwhen I first drafted this post, it was in October…