Swimming in the deep end

In English we have a popular saying, ‘being thrown in the deep-end‘, this means that you were asked (or made!) to do something that you have not been prepared or trained to do. It is based on the feeling of being in the deep-end of a swimming pool without knowing how to swim. Often the coveted transferable skills the English Education system pursue are supposed prepare you for these situations. This week I (sort of) found myself in said situation.

One of the teachers of a class I work in regularly was absent due to sickness. Thankfully the school uses team teaching with a year group of 40 split into two classes of 20, so the introductions to lessons are typically done all together. The classes then break off into separate groups to work more specifically to their targets. The content was taught by the trained teacher, then we split off into classes and a trained learning support teacher and I oversaw the work and gave smaller group support.I had a few free periods so I acted as an extra body. 

That is until it came to the afternoon, when the absent teacher’s class were due to have P.E. Dressed in heeled sandals and a maxi skirt, I was unprepared to teach P.E. So I took the other class whilst their teacher took ‘mine’. Hello deep end. Now I don’t want you to get the wrong idea about the deep end. I do not see it as a bad thing, or something I am not prepared for, I have the transferable skills after all. But this was the first time I have been put in the deep end when it matters so much. Not particularly to that specific lesson: I was not teaching something tricky or superbly important to the children’s future and it was something they would cover again. But it was very important to me, because one day, I hope to become a teacher, and like, y’know a really really good one. Not only this but, I am now of an age when plenty of my friends or people my age are becoming teachers. They do the things that really truly make a difference to life and to little people…

It was both a blessing and an annoyance that I had a very limited time to deliver the lesson, because there was less time for something to go wrong but on the other hand a strict time constraint. Therefore, I did away with the theory, and just did the practical: making paper cup telephones! We were perhaps a bit late packing away, but they all managed to leave relatively in time.

I think in the situation, I coped with the deep end well and it was a fantastic experience and confirms to me that someday I would love to be a teacher.

What about you guys? When were you thrown in the deep end? And how did it go?



Happy Holi everyone! I hope you’re all okay, whether you be a busy worker bee or slaving over your studies. If I am a procrastination break, then thank you and I hope this post entertains you somewhat or bores you enough to find your work interesting…

Recently I have found myself to be BUSY. As a fairly steady going person, when I’m busy, some things get left at the wayside. Like going to the gym. Like writing on my blog. Sorry ’bout that! I’m sure I’ll have a little write about what’s been going on in my life soon. But for now, let’s start at the most recent event!

Currently, Rome is playing host to a festival of sorts, split into three sections: Oriental, Irish and Latin America. Interesting. The Oriental and Latin America sections seemed to make sense. But the Irish was more puzzling. Not least because they were displaying kilts, which are pretty much a Scottish tradition. In spite of these bizarre decisions, I was happy to see Italy engaging in other cultures and traditions. But, I wonder how many of them tried the Oriental food…

But, the main reason I we visited this exposition of cultures was to attend holi festival. I admit not knowing much at all about holi festival apart from that it was a celebration originally from India. If you haven’t heard of it before, holi festivals that I have seen consist of a large crowd, throwing colourful powder at each other, usually with some music. Some people say it is best to wear white, so that the colours show up very brightly. So, I went dressed in a cream vest and a cheap white lace skirt I had picked up in the late January sales. This particular white skirt, I hadn’t found much use for. It was a very bright white, whereas I usually stick to off white/cream tones. As a result, I had hardly worn it. So I thought it could look pretty cool post-holi and perhaps more wearable, If not, then no matter because I didn’t wear it much before!

The weather was great thankfully the sun came out, and stayed out! Not like the week before, like England and lots of other European countries we had some unseasonably cold weather. I made the decision to keep my sunglasses on, after weighing up the strange  white circles look and potentially painful, uncomfortable powder in my eyes. Unfortunately there was nothing that could be done about my mouth apart form to, shut it! My friends and I got a little excited and started throwing powder almost as soon as we got it, alongside other groups of people. This meant we didn’t have any powder for when everyone threw some in air. But we had an absolute blast nevertheless and the results were SUPER colourful and fun.

We then decided to have a mooch around all the stalls inside. Oh my gosh, there were some beautiful pieces of clothing. I would have made some purchases if it wasn’t for the powder. There was also lots of jewellery, pretty little trickets and hand painted boxes. It all seemed a mish mash of different things, which although puzzling were delightful and we drifted around in a flurry of ooohs and ahhhs.

Having experienced a holi festival I felt as though I should see where it all came from. It is a Hindu festival and the colour throwing is one part of a larger celebration. What strikes me most about what I have read, is that everyone is ‘fair game’, whether they be young, old, man or woman. It reminded me of the ancient Roman festival of Saturnalia during which the masters provided table service for their slaves. Generaly holi signifies the triumph of good over evil or even just the arrival of Spring and the end of another Winter.

Nevertheless it was great fun and I truly believe we should all make time for fun and laughter in our lives.

I hope you find a little bit of colour in your day today and for now, I leave you with pictures of the result.

Ciao xx

Photo credit @ Corinna Harrison