The Ski Script: Wednesday

Well, Wednesday. I know I said that Tuesday was mixed, with the delight of getting my technique back, but not being able to push myself. But Wednesday gave me much bigger highs and lows. I’ll talk about the negative first and then we can finish nicely on the positives!

The start of this week was election week. I Skyped into my college’s JCR meeting on Sunday and voting was open until Wednesday. It was a contested election, meaning that I wasn’t just running against the option to re-open nominations, I had an opponent. Despite my well meaning efforts, I was unsuccessful. I was of course extremely disappointed because I know I would have done a great job and I was well suited to the role. But I’m sure my competitor will do an excellent job and I look forward to attending lots of international events over the next year. I hope that when I return to Durham, it doesn’t stop me meeting people from the international community and speaking Italian.

But that’s enough of the negative, Wednesday was also very positive! I was moved up a group! Yay! Although I went from being maybe one of the best in my group to being one of the worst in the upper group, I was very happy about this progression. Mainly because last time I went skiing I felt very disappointed because I didn’t think I had improved. I was coasting if you will. This time I was determined to feel progress. The skiing was certainly more challenging, we were going faster and my technique was being much more criticised. But a lot of fun, and we did runs that I wouldn’t have been able to do with my other group which is good. So I will leave you with some pictures from the top of Campo Smith!

Jenn x





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