The Ski Script: Tuesday

Tuesday. The mixed day. I skied well but felt a little out of control due to my continuing resistance to leaning into my boots. Unfortunately this is exacerbated by the numbness in my right foot…Too tight and I lose circulation. Too loose and foot seems to come flying out. I’ve heard that this is what speed skaters do, but I’m definitely not there yet…

As I mentioned in Monday’s Ski Script, I was allocated to the lower intermediates. At the start this wasn’t a issue. I was able to go gently and get my ski legs back. After a while I realised I was probably the best in the group. At first this was great, a real confidence boost but after a while it seemed to hold me back. My teacher, Luisa, did her best to try and cater for us all but I didn’t think I could improve with that group.  Thankfully my teacher Luisa was thinking the same thing and mentioned the possibility of moving up a group. Exciting prospects for Wednesday!

Tuesday was the day for the first day for go pro filming. My sister and my dad both have go pros. If two of you are wearing go pros, then you can see both your point of view and your profile. There are definitely times when I come out of a turn quicker than anticipated and lean back. A lot of the time when I have lessons, my teacher tells me to move my body this way or have my skis x width apart and to me I think that I’m doing it. It’s not until you watch yourself that you realise you look nothing like you think you do! Yes it doesn’t look as out of control but that doesn’t mean it looks graceful. Having never used a go pro before I was very unsure what the quality of the footage would be like. I thought that it would be quite bumpy like my skiing and this would affect the picture. But there’s not a blur in sight! And the footage is as smooth as you like. I was so happy about the quality of the footage it made me want to wear it on my jennventures!

Lunch was slightly disappointing because the sausage I had with my polenta definitely wasn’t like the sausage I’m used to in Italy. It was a gorgeous sunny day so we decided to sit outside, but unfortunately it made the food cold very quickly. Not ideal.

Usually the mountains make me feel very relaxed, usually. This week though, has been election week. Sometimes I felt torn between campaigning and enjoying my skiing. I think I found a good middle ground, only posting in groups rather than messaging individual people.

Let’s hope if Wednesday brings some faster paced skiing!!


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