The Ski Script: Monday

This post is being written retrospectively, so excuse me for any inaccuracies. Okay, so, yesterday morning was the day of firsts; first shower, first breakfast and first day at ski school!!! My ability is distinctly okay… average if you will. I skied 4 times as a teenager, a week at a time, with varying degrees of success. My second week I went down reds and a black but on my fourth week I was still doing blues and some reds without improving on my parallel. So I was very unsure of how my form would be, seven years later.

To my surprise, I wasn’t half bad, I didn’t come down the nursery slope all in a snow plow (only about 3/4s) . I was put into the lower level intermediates which suited me just fine on Monday. We stayed on the nursery slope but we did lots of exercises. We took a 20 minute break which was greatly appreciated. I hadn’t realised just how dehydrated I kept myself. But at least it gave me inspiration for a #doitfortheblog challenge…

Just as soon as I got my ski legs back, it was time for the lesson to end and for the eating to begin. I met up with my higher intermediate father and sister and they took me up the mountain for a spot of lunch. I recommended the polenta, one of my Italian favourites, but I had one of the dishes of the day, which for the life of me I can’t remember the name of but, they are balls made with potato, bread, bacon and cheese. Needless to say, I enjoyed my lunch a lot, they were nice and stodgy, full of energy and flavour but not too heavy. Meanwhile dads polenta with sausages was MASSIVE. It seemed like the sausages were never ending and once you finally got through the sausages there was more polenta. I look forward to having that on a cold snowy day.

Having had a relatively gentle morning I was raring to get going after lunch. After doing a few runs back down to the bottom of the mountain, my dad decided to take some apres ski while I encouraged my sister to join for a few more runs. My legs weren’t quite groaning for relief, so I wanted to make the most of it.

Throughout the day and especially in the morning, I encountered a problem I hadn’t previously experienced while skiing, pins and needles. It only took one quick shake of the leg and attempted curling of the toes to realise my right foot was actually very numb. I can only assume that I had my boots on too tight, in an attempt to keep my foot and ankle safe. If anyone has also had this problem, please let me know in a comment below!!

What I concluded from the end of the day was that I loved skiing and really have missed it.

Until the next time xx

My sister and I

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