Skiing script: Sunday

This week I am lucky enough to be going skiing. I have been rather cheeky and taken the week BEFORE  the Easter holidays off, so I now have 3 weeks in a row off school. #yearabroadproblems, amirite?? In light of this I do feel like I should be productive in some shape or form, especially with lots of my lovely friends going through the trauma of dissertations. So, I have decided to do something a bit different on my blog this week. For now, I think I will call it My Skiing Script. I know I know, it’s not technically a script but I love alliteration and who knows maybe something interesting enough will happen to turn it into a script! If so, I got dibs. Essentially what I will be doing this week is a diary entry every evening talking about my day, how many times I snow plowed and if I fell off a lift (this is fairly likely).

So, I will slide straight in on the events of Sunday and Monday. I woke up as usual to the sounds of my animal housemates miaowing for attention, something I am usually very happy to do. However,I woke up at 6:30 and wanted to be out the door at 6:50 so I couldn’t faff around. Sorry Lewis and Jenson. I ended up being ready in ten minutes and having never used Fiumicino, I decided to leave early. This meant that I got a much earlier train than I had planned. Security was quick and simple and I ended up getting to my gate so early the flight before mine hadn’t  even started to board. I was very tempted to try and board it, seeing as it was a flight to Munich and, after spending a day there two years ago, it’s on my place to revisit. I decided to kill the two hours I had to wait by eating a sandwich and putting some make up on. Much to the disapproval of a couple of my fellow passengers.

Fast forward a few hours and I arrived in tiny Turin airport. As a domestic flight, we were not required to go through passport control. This meant it only took me 6 minutes to get out of arrivals, bang tidy. Unfortunately my transfer had already left so I was left with public transport. On a Sunday. This has nothing to do with it being Italy, but I had to wait for ages for my train. Luckily I had some correspondence regarding advice for a potential student. Big thanks goes to her for helping me kill time productively. Thankfully the train was lovely, clean and roomy because my patience was waning.

Once I arrived at Bardonecchia, it was all systems go go go. I had limited time and lots to do ahead of a very important Skype date with my college JCR. I got my equipment in the blink of an eye, service was speedy but too brief. Then I was left to wrestle with the WiFi. My Skype date went well (I hope!) Then it was dinner with a beaut glass of wine and bed to deal with the excitement.

I’ll be doing lots of snaps to document my time here so add my blog snapchat thejennventures and here are the ones you missed!

Ciao, a dopo!


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