Ruminations and reflections

So, it’s the end of my first two weeks ‘working’ at the international school and in very typical me fashion I’ve been reflecting quite a bit. What was my favourite? What was my least favourite? Have I been reaching my potential? Have I made enough friends? And the most scary question of all, can I remember everyone’s name? Eeek. As an aside, writing this post has made me realise just how much I (and probably a lot of other people) EVALUATE. Since social media has become a regular presence in our lives it makes it so much easier to compare and evaluate ourselves. No longer are targets resigned to the classroom or New Year celebrations. Nowadays evaluating yourself and finding out how to improve yourself is no longer solely the realm of the self-help section in the bookshop.


My favourite moment

I have decided to spread my wings and use my time here to experiment with working with a variety of age groups. Previously, I have stubbornly stuck with primary. I could spout many reasons they I prefer them, but in reality it is probably because I have such fond primary school memories that I am regressing back too. Although I am spending time in secondary, this week I couldn’t help but sidle down to primary and ask if they could let me hang around. On one such happy occasion was my time with the green dragons. This is the name given to the older reception class. In leyman’s terms it’s the 4-5 year olds. It was just after snack time and some children were reading/looking at some books on the carpet. Being a bookworm myself I could resist but plonk myself down. Roughly 3 minutes passed when I was asked if I could read a book to someone. This in itself made me extremely happy because I felt it was a sign of acceptance. But, it wasn’t what made my heart jump with joy. It was when I properly lifted my head up and realised I was almost surrounded  by children listening to this story. After spending time with some very ambivalent year 9 and 12’s, it was so nice to get that thing that humans often desire, attention.


My least favourite moment

If you’ve ever been with me in a Psychology lecture you might have seen my eyelids droop quite significantly. Usually I put this down to eating too much melted cheese combined with the boring subject material and the darkness of the lecture room. To my disappointment I crashed in a year 12 Chemistry lesson. It was all I could do to keep my eyes open. I felt doubly guilty because I was an adult and adult’s can’t look a step away from bed in each other’s lessons.


My most bizarre moment

Caberet. I think it was my second day when I went to lunch only to be pulled into an empty classroom to learn some classic Greek dance moves. The school’s charity ZOA which funds an orphanage in Zambia organised an event to raise money and have a laugh. Staff and parents were encourage to create some kind of entertainment piece and perform it on stage. Be it the sirtaki, or a middle-age take on Greece sketches. It was a great laugh, I learnt a new set of dance moves and I had a couple of glasses of prosecco. Always a winner with me.


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