I miss missing you…

               I am sorry. I have been shamefully quiet on my blog and while this is partly due to running around doing things. On the other hand, I have allowed my insecurities, laziness and lack of self-discipline overrule my duty and desire to make this blog as great as I possibly can. I not apologising to you readers, because I know everyday you are unendated with articles, blogs and interesting titbits. I know my blog is just one of many (I hope) interesting pieces available for you to pursue. But, I apologise to myself for letting myself down.

The majority of my posts so far on this blog have been informative pieces about the places I have been and things I have done. So, I have decided to mix it up. I am due to return to Italy next week and it feels like a good time to complete a draft that has been sitting in my folder for weeks. Besides, everyone loves a good list, don’t they?

What I missed about England:

    • My family, of course. Staying with a family is great for many reasons, but you’re never fully part of their family and it can get a bit nostalgic.
    • Decent buses when living outside of a major city.
    • Toasters.
    • Cadburys, I’m sorry Milka but you have nothing on our milky goodness.
    • REAL Christmas trees, I’m sorry but for me the smell and texture of a real tree is acres better than a fake tree.
    • My sofa.
    • Penn State Sour Cream and Chive pretzels.
    • Belgian buns with their raisin-ing icing goodness
    • The English language, because generally I can understand it.
    • Microwavable chocolate puddings, for those days when you feel absolutely pants and just want a chocolate pudding, some custard and a good book.
    • Teaching as a passion and life calling rather than a job. I said it. The couple I saw who seemed to view teaching as a passion were always the ones I liked best.
    • And most importantly, free tap water in every eating establishment.


What I miss about Italy:

    • My Italian family, it’s difficult to keep in contact but something I will try to do.
    • Real Italian pizza, it does trump our pizza all the time.
    • Most of the food made by my Italian parents.
    • Salty, oily salad that doesn’t earn me disapproving looks.
    • Passion for good quality food, which is why this list is mostly food…
    • Cycling without too much worry about being hit by a car.
    • Variety and amount of interesting places to go. Psst, there is more to England than London!
    • Mascarpone, both sweet and savoury.
    • The Italian language, it’s a’ight really.
    • Cheap and fantastic wine.
    • A real community feel to life.

What I do not miss is not knowing what I was missing. I would much rather times of missing things from both countries than to have never experienced the differences. On the eve of my departure, I know I will miss lots about England, but that’s okay because while I am here, there is plenty I miss about Italy.

What do you miss when you’re away from the place you grew up? What do you miss about places you visit? Let me know in the comments!


2 thoughts on “I miss missing you…

  1. Cheddar cheese and juice cordial! But equally when I’m in england I miss foreign bakeries, fresh bread, German sausage, Czech cheese, Russian vodka, and the huge variety of haribo and milka


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