I miss missing you…

               I am sorry. I have been shamefully quiet on my blog and while this is partly due to running around doing things. On the other hand, I have allowed my insecurities, laziness and lack of self-discipline overrule my duty and desire to make this blog as great as I possibly can. I not apologising to you readers, because I know everyday you are unendated with articles, blogs and interesting titbits. I know my blog is just one of many (I hope) interesting pieces available for you to pursue. But, I apologise to myself for letting myself down.

The majority of my posts so far on this blog have been informative pieces about the places I have been and things I have done. So, I have decided to mix it up. I am due to return to Italy next week and it feels like a good time to complete a draft that has been sitting in my folder for weeks. Besides, everyone loves a good list, don’t they?

What I missed about England:

    • My family, of course. Staying with a family is great for many reasons, but you’re never fully part of their family and it can get a bit nostalgic.
    • Decent buses when living outside of a major city.
    • Toasters.
    • Cadburys, I’m sorry Milka but you have nothing on our milky goodness.
    • REAL Christmas trees, I’m sorry but for me the smell and texture of a real tree is acres better than a fake tree.
    • My sofa.
    • Penn State Sour Cream and Chive pretzels.
    • Belgian buns with their raisin-ing icing goodness
    • The English language, because generally I can understand it.
    • Microwavable chocolate puddings, for those days when you feel absolutely pants and just want a chocolate pudding, some custard and a good book.
    • Teaching as a passion and life calling rather than a job. I said it. The couple I saw who seemed to view teaching as a passion were always the ones I liked best.
    • And most importantly, free tap water in every eating establishment.


What I miss about Italy:

    • My Italian family, it’s difficult to keep in contact but something I will try to do.
    • Real Italian pizza, it does trump our pizza all the time.
    • Most of the food made by my Italian parents.
    • Salty, oily salad that doesn’t earn me disapproving looks.
    • Passion for good quality food, which is why this list is mostly food…
    • Cycling without too much worry about being hit by a car.
    • Variety and amount of interesting places to go. Psst, there is more to England than London!
    • Mascarpone, both sweet and savoury.
    • The Italian language, it’s a’ight really.
    • Cheap and fantastic wine.
    • A real community feel to life.

What I do not miss is not knowing what I was missing. I would much rather times of missing things from both countries than to have never experienced the differences. On the eve of my departure, I know I will miss lots about England, but that’s okay because while I am here, there is plenty I miss about Italy.

What do you miss when you’re away from the place you grew up? What do you miss about places you visit? Let me know in the comments!


2015 New Year

I wasn’t planning on writing a new years post, but I have been somewhat inspired by social media. Lots of people have remarked that 2015 has been the best year of their life. I have to disagree, not because I haven’t had a fantastic year but because I think it is too difficult to compare different years. I mean I can’t even remember whole years of my life!

2015 has not been a year of change, but a year of progress. This summer I received my results for my second year of University. I have to admit being disappointed at myself at the percentage, but thrilled at the fact that I passed every modules. Having failed my first year at University it meant a lot to pass this year round. More importantly it meant that my year abroad was going to go ahead.

I would love to say that I had always dreamed of going abroad and it was all of my wishes coming true, but that would just be a lie. Deciding to go on a year abroad was a calculated decision with just a pinch of ‘dreaminess’. However, it has been one of my great calculated decisions. I has given me so many skills and many wonderful experiences. It has brought me into contact with people from different cultures in their home country. When I started this year I was trying to convince everyone else that I would be able to learn a different language just by living. At the same time I was willing everyone to stop thinking about it because I wasn’t convinced myself. Whilst I still have a way to go I have come further than I imagined.

Friendships have been a notable aspect of this year and I am learning more and more how to cope with the change in relationships. Lifestyle changes as meant that my close friends are as scattered as they have ever been. I love all of my close friends, but some of them don’t know each other more than by name. I hope maybe next year I will be able to get them all in the same room in the next year (new years resolution anyone?!)

And isn’t the most momentous thing that I finally cut my hair off. So thank you 2015. Who knows what 2016 will bring?

And here is a few pictures of my favourite moments (when I remembered to take a picture).